HBaseCon 2014 Presentations & Recording

Listed in scheduled order:

Track Name Session Title
General Session     Michael Stack, Amr Awadallah, Carter Page, Liyin Tang, Lars Hofhansl Welcome Messages/Bigtable at Google/HBase @ Salesforce.com (Recording)
Intro to HBase Jesse Anderson HBase: Just the Basics (Slides | Recording)
Operations Dheeraj Kapur, Rajiv Chittajallu & Anish Mathew (Yahoo!) Harmonizing Multi-tenant HBase Clusters for Managing Workload Diversity (Slides | Recording)
Jean-Daniel Cryans (Cloudera) The State of HBase Replication (Slides | Recording)
Bryan Beaudreault (HubSpot) Real-time HBase: Lessons from the Cloud (Slides | Recording)
Kevin O'Dell, Aleksandr Shulman & Kathleen Ting (Cloudera) Tales from the Cloudera Field (Slides | Recording)
Jesse Yates (Salesforce.com), Demai Ni, Richard Ding & Jing Chen He (IBM) HBase Backups (Slides | Recording)
Shreeganesh Ramanan and Mike Davis (Optimizely) From MongoDB to HBase in Six Easy Months (Slides | Recording)
Moderated by Eric Sammer (Scaling Data) "Smooth Operators" Panel: Jeremy Carroll (Pinterest), Adam Frank (Flurry), and Paul Tuckfield (Facebook) (Recording)
Features & Internals    Enis Soztutar and Devaraj Das (Hortonworks) HBase Read High Availability Using Timeline-Consistent Region Replicas (Slides | Recording)
Andrew Purtell and Ramkrishna Vasudevan (Intel) New Security Features in Apache HBase 0.98: An Operator's Guide (Slides | Recording)
Eric Chang (Opower) and Jean-Daniel Cryans (Cloudera) Bulk Loading in the Wild: Ingesting the World's Energy Data (Slides | Recording)
Liang Xie and Honghua Feng (Xiaomi) HBase at Xiaomi (Slides | Recording)
Nick Dimiduk (Hortonworks) and Nicolas Liochon (Scaled Risk) HBase: Where Online Meets Low Latency (Slides | Recording)
Lars Hofhansl, Andrew Purtell, Enis Soztutar, Michael Stack, and Liyin Tang     Meet the Release Managers (Slides | Recording)
Vladimir Rodionov (bigbase.org) HBase: Extreme Makeover (Slides | Recording)
Ecosystem Eli Levine, James Taylor (Salesforce.com) & Maryann Xue (Intel) Taming HBase with Apache Phoenix and SQL (Slides | Recording)
Pete Matern and Jonathan Colt (Jive Software) Tasmo: Building HBase Applications From Event Streams (Slides | Recording)
Jingcheng Du and Ramkrishna Vasudevan (Intel) Cross-Site BigTable using HBase (Slides | Recording)
Jonathan Natkins (WibiData) Design Patterns for Building 360-degree Views with HBase and Kiji (Slides | Recording)
Adam Warrington (Cloudera) HBase Data Modeling and Access Patterns with Kite SDK (Slides | Recording)
Chris Larsen (Limelight Networks) and Benoit Sigoure (Arista Networks) OpenTSDB 2.0 (Slides | Recording)
Manukranth Kolloju (Facebook) Presto + HBase: A Distributed SQL Query Execution Engine on Top of HBase (No slides or Recording)
Case Studies Eric Czech and Alec Zopf (Next Big Sound) Data Evolution in HBase (Slides | Recording)
Ishan Chhabra, Shrijeet Paliwal & Abhijit Pol (Rocket Fuel)      Blackbird: Storing Billions of Rows a Couple of Milliseconds Away (Slides | Recording)
Daniel Nelson (Nielsen) Content Identification using HBase (Slides | Recording)
Ron Buckley (OCLC) Digital Library Collection Management using HBase (Slides | Recording)
Sudarshan Kadambi and Matthew Hunt (Bloomberg LP) HBase at Bloomberg (Slides | Recording)
Francis Liu (Yahoo!) HBase Design Patterns @ Yahoo! (Slides | Recording)
Varun Sharma (Pinterest) Large-scale Web Apps @ Pinterest (Slides | Recording)
Chris Huang and Scott Miao (Trend Micro) A Graph Service for Global Web Entities Traversal and Reputation Evaluation Based on HBase (Slides | Recording)
Lars George and Jon Hsieh (Cloudera) A Survey of HBase Application Archetypes (Slides | Recording)

HBaseCon 2013 Presentations & Recording

Track Name Session Title
General Session     Michael Stack Welcome (Recording)
Amr Awadallah The Apache HBase Community: Best Ever and Getting Better (Recording)
Michael Stack & Lars Hofhansl     State of the Apache HBase Union (Recording)
Aaron Kimball The Apache HBase Ecosystem (Recording)
Liyin Tang Overview of Apache HBase at Facebook
Operations Amitanan Aiyer Reliability: More 9′s for Apache HBase
Jeremy Carroll Apache HBase Operations at Pinterest (Slides | Recording)
Jonathan Creasy & Geoff Anderson OpenTSDB at Box (Slides | Recording)
JD Cryans & Kevin O’dell Apache HBase, Meet Ops. Ops, Meet HBase (Slides | Recording)
Matt Kennedy & Torben Mathiasen Apache HBase on Flash (Slides | Recording)
Benoit Sigoure Scalable Network Designs for Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
Moderated by Eric Sammer Panel: Jeremy Carroll (Pinterest), Rajiv Chittajallu (Yahoo!), Dave Latham (Flurry), Alex Levchuk (Facebook) (Recording)
Internals Devaraj Das & Nicolas Liochon How to Get the MTTR Below 1 Minute and More (Slides | Recording)
Jonathan Hsieh & Matteo Bertozzi & Jesse Yates Apache HBase Table Snapshots (Slides | Recording)
Sergey Shelukhin Compaction Improvements in Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
Enis Soztutar Apache HBase and HDFS: Understanding Filesystem Usage in HBase (Slides | Recording)
Chris Trezzo Apache HBase Replication (Slides | Recording)
Ian Varley 1500 JIRAs in 20 Minutes (Slides | Recording)
John Weatherford A Developer’s Guide to Coprocessors (Slides | Recording)
Moderated by Todd Lipcon Panel: Nick Dimiduk (Hortonworks), Jonathan Gray (Continuuity), Lars Hofhansl (Salesforce.com), Andrew Purtell (Intel) (Recording)
Ecosystem Dibyendu Bhattacharya Using Coprocessors to Index Columns in an Elasticsearch Cluster (Slides | Recording)
Dan Burkert Honeycomb: MySQL Backed by Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
Gokhan Capan Apache HBase for Dealing with Large Matrices (Slides | Recording)
Elliott Clark Impala: Using SQL to Extract Value from Apache HBase (Recording)
Elliott Clark Using Metrics to Monitor and Debug Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
Lars George & Andrew Wang Project Valta – A Resource Management Layer over Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
Jacques Nadeau Apache Drill – A Community Driven Initiative to Deliver ANSI SQL Capabilities for HBase (Slides | Recording)
Jonathan Natkins & Juliet Hougland Real-Time Model Scoring in Recommender Systems (Slides | Recording)
Andreas Neumann & Alex Baranau High-Throughput, Transactional Stream Processing on Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
Steven Noels HBase SEP: Reliable Maintenance of Auxiliary Index Structures (Slides | Recording)
Hari Shreedharan Streaming Data into Apache HBase Using Flume (Slides | Recording)
Enis Soztutar & Ashutosh Chauhan Integration of Apache Hive and Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
James Taylor How (and why) Phoenix Puts the SQL Back into NoSQL (Slides | Recording)
Maryann Xue Full-text Indexing for Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
Case Studies Swati Agarwal & Raj Stanneru Near Real Time Indexing for eBay Search (Slides | Recording)
Murtaza Doctor & Giang Nguyen     Real-time User Segmentation using Apache HBase: Architectural Case Study (Slides | Recording)
Neil Ferguson Mixing Low Latency with Analytical Workloads for Customer Experience Management (Slides | Recording)
Ameya Kanitkar Deal Personalization Engine with HBase (Slides | Recording)
Manoj Khanwalkar & Govind Asawa ETL for Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
Doug Meil Evolving a First-Generation Apache HBase Deployment to Second Generation and Beyond (Slides | Recording)
Jeremy Pollack Apache HBase, Apache Hadoop, DNA and YOU! (Slides | Recording)
Robert Roland Rebuilding for Scale on Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)
Varun Sharma Apache HBase at Pinterest: Scaling Our Feed Storage (Slides | Recording)
Francis Liu & Sumeet Singh Multi-tenant Apache HBase at Yahoo! (Recording)
Suman Srinivasan Apache Hadoop and Apache HBase for Real-Time Recording Analytics (Slides | Recording)
Jay Talreja Being Smarter than the Smart Meter – Cloud Operational Grid Analytics (Slides | Recording)

HBaseCon 2012 Presentations & Recording

Track Name Session Title
General Session     Michael Stack & Mike Olson     Welcome
Amr Awadallah The Apache HBase Community: Best Ever and Getting Better
Karthik Raganathan HBase at Facebook
Operations Ryan Thiessen Case Study of HBase Operations at Facebook
Sunil Sitaula & Madhuwanti Vaidya HBase Backup
Lars George HBase Coprocessors - Deploy Shared Functionality Directly on the Cluster (Slides | Recording)
Jeff Bean, Jonathan Hsieh & Kathleen Ting Supporting HBase: How to Stabilize, Diagnose, and Repair (Recording)
Andrew Purtell HBase Security for the Enterprise (Slides | Recording)
Moderated by Eric Sammer Panel: Aravind Gottipati (StumbleUpon), Dave Latham (Flurry), Ryan Thiessen (Facebook) (No recording)
David Wang Lightning Talk | Base Metrics: What They Mean to You (Slides | Recording)
Robert Berger Lightning Talk | Orchestrating Clusters with Ironfan and Chef (Slides | Recording)
Elliott Clark Lightning Talk | Unique Sets on HBase and Hadoop (Slides | Recording)
Rick Tucker Lightning Talk | Developing Real Time Analytics Applications Using HBase in the Cloud (Slides | Recording)
Development Todd Lipcon HBase and HDFS: Past, Present, and Future (Slides | Recording)
Lars George HBase Filtering (Slides | Recording)
Lars Hofhansl Learning HBase Internals (Slides | Recording)
Benoit Sigoure Lessons learned from OpenTSDB (Slides | Recording)
Ian Varley HBase Schema Design (Slides | Recording)
Mikhail Bautin HBase Performance Tuning and Optimizations (No recording)
Aaron Kimball Lightning Talk | Living Data: Applying Adaptable Schemas to HBase (Slides | Recording)
Berk Demir Lightning Talk | Content Addressable Storages for Fun and Profit (Slides | Recording)
Kyungseog Oh Lightning Talk | Solbase (Slides | Recording)
Francis Liu Lightning Talk | Relaxed Transactions for HBase (Slides | Recording)
Applications 1 Jacques Nadeau Building a Large Search Platform on a Shoestring Budget (Slides | Recording)
Brent Halsey Real Performance Gains With Real Time Data (Recording)
Nate Putnam Building Mobile Infrastructure with HBase (Slides | Recording)
Cosmin Lehene Low Latency "OLAP" with HBase (Slides | Recording)
Blake Matheny Growing Your Inbox, HBase at Tumblr (Slides | Recording)
Alex Newman Overcoming Data Deluge with HBase to Help Save the Environment (Slides | Recording)
Vrushali Channapattan Lightning Talk | HBase powered Merchant Lookup Service at Intuit (Slides | Recording)
Thomas Pan Lightning Talk | HBase, the Use Case in eBay Cassini (Slides | Recording)
Nick Dimiduk Lightning Talk | Scaling GIS in Three Acts (Slides | Recording)
Applications 2 Gupta Gogula & Suraj Varma Gap Inc Direct: Serving Apparel Catalog from HBase for Live Website (Slides | Recording)
Anshuman Singh Facebook Messages Application Server Using HBase (No recording)
Dan Lynn Storing and Manipulating Graphs in HBase (Slides | Recording)
Stanislav Barton Mignify: A Big Data Refinery Built on HBase (Slides | Recording)
Doug Meil Real-Time and Batch HBase for Healthcare at Explorys (Slides | Recording)
Alex Baranau Real-time Analytics with HBase (Slides | Recording)
Satnam Alag Lightning Talk | Leveraging HBase for the World's Largest Curated Genomic Data Collection (Slides | Recording)
Chris Niemiera Lightning Talk | You've got HBase! How AOL Mail Handles Big Data (Slides | Recording)
Steven Noels Lightning Talk | Getting Real about Interactive Big Data Management with Lily & HBase (Slides | Recording)
Ron Buckley Lightning Talk | HBase for the World's Libraries (Slides | Recording)
HBaseCon 2014