HBaseCon 2015 Program Committee

The HBaseCon Program Committee is a group of volunteers whose only goal is to make HBaseCon content as interesting and actionable as possible. Thanks, HbaseCon PC!
Elliott Clark
Engineer, Facebook
Elliott is an engineer at Facebook on the Apache HBase team. He's also an HBase PMC member and committer.

Nick Dimiduk
Member of Technical Staff, Hortonworks
Nick is an HBase committer, PMC member, and a co-author of HBase in Action. He works on the HBase team at Hortonworks, where his focus is on usability and performance. 

Gary Helmling
Software Engineer, Cask
Gary is a Committer and PMC member for the Apache HBase project. He works on HBase and Hadoop development at Cask (formerly Continuuity), and has contributed to security, coprocessors, and the RPC stack. In past roles, Gary has worked at Twitter, Trend Micro, and Meetup.

Lars Hofhansl
Architect, Salesforce.com
Lars is an HBase Committer and PMC member. He is an Architect at Salesforce.com, where he leads HBase development efforts, recently forcusing on performance, backup, and disaster recovery. In the past, Lars held engineering roles at Peoplesoft and Digital Equipment Corp.

Jonathan Hsieh
Software Engineer, Cloudera
Jonathan is a Software Engineer with Cloudera, currently focused on the HBase project. He is an HBase committer and PMC member, a committer and founder of the Apache Flume project, and a committer on the Apache Sqoop project.

Carter Page
Engineer Manager, Google
Carter Page wears two hats as engineer and manager of the Bigtable development team in New York City. Prior to Google, he worked at Amplify Education as Director of Engineering, delivering instructional analytics solutions to teachers across the country. Carter has worked on high-performance distributed software for 19 years across several industries, including media, finance, and education.

Andrew Purtell
Architect, Salesforce.com
Andrew is a committer and PMC member for the HBase project, and is an Architect at Salesforce.com working on cloud storage. Previously, Andrew worked at Intel, Trend Micro, Sparta, and McAfee.

Enis Söztutar
Member of Technical Staff, Hortonworks 
Enis is an HBase, Hadoop, and Gora committer and a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He has been using and developing Hadoop ecosystem projects since 2007. He is currently working at Hortonworks as a part of the HBase engineering team.

Michael Stack - Chair
Software Engineer, Cloudera 
Michael is an engineer on Cloudera's HBase team. He is Chair of the HBase PMC and a member of the Hadoop PMC.
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